Candidate Registration with Austin Clark Recruitment

You will be invited to register with Austin Clark Recruitment; this is strictly on an appointment only basis.

Please bring with you your passport for ID purposes; it doesn’t have to be in date! If you don’t have your passport to hand a Birth Certificate is an accepted form of ID. Please also check that your CV is up to date, if you need help please see our helpful CV Template document.

Feel free to come to us in casual attire for your registration, we adopt a fairly relaxed approach, we want to get to know you and learn more about your motivations/reasons for looking for a new role.

Be honest with us about what you are looking for from your new career, what’s key to you and your family?

Location? Salary? Hours? Progression? Benefits? Company Ethos?

We look forward to meeting with you, either at our offices, or at a location or time that’s convenient for you.

Interview Preparation Guide

Here are our top tips for a successful interview!

  • Research the Company you are going to; check out their website, what’s their ethos? Do you understand what they do as a business? Have you checked to see if they have a company LinkedIn or Facebook page too?
  • List some questions that you can take with you to the interview following your research on the company. Is there anything you wanted to find out that you haven’t been able to from their website or Austin Clark Recruitment?
  • Go on LinkedIn, see who you will be meeting and interviewing with.
  • Drive over to the company a couple of days before your interview, plan your route, and make sure you know where they are! This is especially important if you have an interview that will co-inside with rush hour etc, nothing worse than being late to an interview or arriving just in the nick of time all flustered!
  • Review the job specification – do you understand what the client is looking for? If you don’t meet all of their criteria have you thought about how you may overcome this when questioned in the interview?
  • Have you got any written references from past employers that you can take with you?
  • Portfolios and examples of work are always helpful to take along to interviews especially for roles such as Marketing or Creative roles.
  • If you are interviewing for a Sales related position make sure you know how much you billed/profit you made within your previous roles and that the figures stack up!
  • Make sure you are dressed in business attire; even if the company has a casual dress policy you should always go smart! First impressions count!
  • We say to arrive about 10 minutes early for an interview so you have time to park and sign into the building and collect your thoughts.
  • Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and make sure you make eye contact during the interview.
  • Are you leaving your current role as you really don’t like it? That’s fine, but remember that too much negativity in regards to current or past employers in an interview doesn’t look professional.
  • Have you looked up your potential new employer on Glassdoor? It’s a site where employees can anonymously rate their current employer on various aspects of working life; obviously not everyone’s opinions will be the same so bear this in mind.
  • At the end of your interview remember to ask the client if they have any other questions. If you are keen on the role and want to be considered for a 2nd stage interview make sure you tell them that, this is especially crucial if you are interviewing for a Sales role, you should be able to “close” on the client.

Your Job Search

It’s pretty daunting looking for a new role so here are some key points for you to consider when doing so.

  • Is your CV up to date and has all of the crucial points on it? (Please see downloadable CV template below).
  • Have you put your CV online? In the modern age a lot of recruiters rely on online Job Boards to find their candidates, below are just a few you should put your details on;
  • Have you checked your Facebook? A lot of potential employers will search Facebook for candidates that they have invited to interview. Check your privacy settings! Is it just friends who can see what you get up to at the weekend?
  • Do you have a LinkedIn account? Is it up to date? Have you asked your colleagues for recommendations?
  • Have you checked the spelling and grammar on your CV?
  • Considered putting a photo of yourself on your CV? It’s probably more common that you realise, but it’s certainly not an essential requirement of a CV.
  • If you’ve applied for a job via an agency or directly with an employer have you chased up your application to make sure they have received it? With most recruitment being online and via technology it’s amazing how many CV’s/Cover letters get stuck in spam filters/folders or never make it to the end destination.

Click Here to download a free CV Template